Zoxie's Spiritworld

Welcome, netsurfer!

It seems you have found my site on the cyberweb! Welcome to my personal corner, or as I like to call it, my spiritworld!

This site is most likely always going to be a WIP, as I don't really want to completely "finish" it. I'm hoping to add as much stuff as I can, but of course, life naturally sometimes gets in the way. Please be patient, I promise i'm trying my best ♥

A transparent image of Nepeta Leijon sitting down and writing on her tablet.

This site was created for a variety of reasons, mainly for me to have a place where I could express myself in ways I couldn't before. You'll find a lot of stuff relating to my interests here. ( which you've probably noticed already. ) I also have some resources for you, such as layouts and tutorials, to hopefully help people even just a little bit.

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